is gucci mane- lemonade about lean?

Pls dont ruin it I love Lemonade both the song and the juice

u love pee and getting peed on u pee baby bitch

Pee not juice? Any beverage thats not water is juice. Water juice sometimes too. Juice good for the soul.

lemonade is not juice its lemonade

I thought it was about the all the yellow things he owned…

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i love learning useless information 

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this is a classic song

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The Many Mysteries of Al Sharpton

It’s Wednesday morning, the first day of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network convention, and D’Juan Collins is telling me how the state took his son and won’t give him back. A slight man in a linen button-down and a Bluetooth earpiece, Collins is passing out flyers with a baby photo of his son Isaiah and a plug for his site, www.SaveIsaiah.com. Isaiah, now seven, was put into foster care in 2007, when Collins was sent to prison. When I ask what he was sent in for, he demurs. The conviction was overturned last year, he says, but Brooklyn Family Court and the foster care agency have declined to return custody of his son.

He has come here, to Sharpton’s annual civil rights confab, to get help. “I’m all about networking,” Collins explains, “because I can’t do this alone.”

If the Reverend Al Sharpton has a nexus of power, it is here, in the sweaty third-floor ballroom of the Sheraton Times Square, where more than 6,000 activists have assembled to talk shop at panels with titles like “American Holsters: How the Gun Won,” “The Role of Media in Crafting the Social Narrative,” and “Truth to Power Revival.” Outwardly, the annual civil rights hoedown is an essentially political event, a display of the influence Sharpton has aggressively cultivated over three decades in the national spotlight. But the convention is also a yearly pilgrimage for people, like Collins, who have been beaten by the system, screwed by insidious and structural racism that has stacked the deck against them. Because Al Sharpton, in addition to being a syndicated radio host, prime-time MSNBC talking head, and personal friend of the president, is still the guy you call when your kid gets shot.

Everyone I meet on Wednesday has a story. One woman at the conference tells me she’s here for the first time this year because her nephew was killed in Harlem last week, and she wants to “talk to the reverend about gun control.” Another spends the morning passing out yard signs that read: “My Civil Rights Were Violated.”

In some circles, Sharpton is considered ridiculous—a 90s race-riot relic turned smug cable-news hack. It’s easy to forget that he is probably the most powerful civil rights leader in the country, and a political kingmaker whose influence is evidenced by the parade of liberal pols who drop by his conference every year to pay their respects. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand Wednesday, as was Attorney General Eric Holder and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. President Obama is headlining Friday.


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It’s even better than I imagined.

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TOKYO 1940


TOKYO 1940

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Hey! Made a compilation of the darkest corners of the internet.

  • Dionaea House: a horrifying story, told through two guys mail conversation, about how a haunted house
  • Page of Tedanother haunting story about a man’s experience in an uncharted cave
  • Castle of Spirits: a website with ghost stories, experiences and pictures. my mom banned me from going here because I used to freak myself out as a kid from this website
  • Deep Cave:man breaks scuba depth world record and finds the body of the last man to attempt it while down there. He makes plans to recover the body, but dies during the attempt. This is his website, as he left it, before he went on his last dive.
  • Reborn Baby Dolls: where you can buy dolls that look EXACTLY and feel EXACTLY like a newborn baby
  • Find a Gravea website where you can find the graves of ancestors or famous people, create virtual memorials, add ‘virtual flowers’ and a note to a loved one’s grave
  • This Man: a website about 1000’s of people all over the world, dreaming of the same man. Some say he’s the devil some say he’s god. 
  • Exit Mundi: a collection of end of the world scenario’s
  • Haunted Housewhere you can find any haunted house in the U.S
  • Truthism: an extremely wacko cult website about how reptilian aliens are responsible for everything wrong, how humanity is controlled by aliens and how the sun is a cube and that the inner Earth exists
  • The Jonestown Mass Suicide Death Tape: Trigger warning and you know why
  • Shaye Saint JohnThe story/myths behind Shaye Saint John is that she was a hot woman who was horribly disfigured in a car accident. As a result, she appears in public wearing this creepy mask, and hobbles along with prosthetic legs and hands. This is her website
  • SCP Foundation: collection of fictional works that its members contribute that deal with the “paranormal”. They range all the way from a television working without a broadcasting station, to deadly creatures that have never been encountered
  • Blog of Joseph E. Duncansentenced to death by a federal jury on August 27, 2008 for the kidnapping, of Dylan and Shasta Groene and murder of Dylan. He had been convicted of a sex crime years before. Go back to the beginning and read forward. You can trace his further descent into madness.
  • Annie96 is typing: a creepy chat between two teenagers that has a horrific twist at the end

Alright, I hope you enjoy. Maybe look through these one day at a sleep over with some friends. That would be fun.

Speaking of sleepovers, here’s a masterpost of creepy sleep-over games


it’s got noise in it, really really creepy noise. Just be careful, okay?

Can I add to this list?

Click on the bolded word(s). No screamers, promise! 

This is awesome

Hey guys :)

sixpenceee here again with some more websites! Thank you for the other tumblr user that added my father’s long,long legs. 

  • TED IS GOD: a website of a guy who thinks he’s the superior overlord. Just go through it and you’ll see his ever increasing insanity. 
  • Book of Immanuel David IsaiahAuthorities believe this is the work of Brian David Mitchell, suspected of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart in 2001. Complete raving nonsense.
  • Urban Exploration Resourcea database of creepy urban exploring sites. They’ve got everything from abandoned nuclear silos in Ukraine to Saddam Hussein’s destroyed palace. Chances are you’ll find something in your own city.
  • Dan’s Gallery of the Grotesque: Okay, this site is HORRIBLE. I know I’m a paranormal blogger but I post NO gore. I can’t stand it. Maybe some corpses once in a while, but no full entangled bloody gruesome gore. But for those of you who like it, then this site is perfect for you. 
  • Time Cube: the website of a guy who claims that modern physicists are wrong and how each day is actually 4 days happening at the same time. Some bizarre things here. 
  • Last Wordsa website of cockpit voice recordings of commercial airline crashes. There are some audio but most are transcriptions.
  • Unsolved murder cases websites: Oklahoma Girl Scout MurdersKeddie MurdersTaman Shud Case 
  • Number Stations: method of communication with spies, the website contains recordings of how they do this 
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I’d be the best side nigga ever I think. I’m probably already a side nigga and ion even know it. see? the best

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*thinks about avocados*

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